January 8, 2017

I’ve been getting a lot out of my running practice this past week. As I amp up the miles I am feeling physically stronger and noticing a higher frequency of insight. On Friday I ran 24 miles and yesterday I flowed through an easy 8 miles. Today I will do 10. There is a profound shift in my training and it effects all dimensions of running. As of yesterday I break down the dimensions of running into 3 areas, physical, mental and spiritual.

The shift in the physical seems to come first and it’s all about commitment. When this training and this fundraising was just a daunting idea back in May I was suffering from a rather annoying physical issue known as plantar fasciitis. It kept me from going farther than 5 miles on any given run. As a runner all I ever really want to do is run so when my feet hurt constantly I’m in trouble. To stay somewhat fit I had been lifting weights and working on core strength for several months as the fasciitis healed. By May, 5 months into weight training and healing I realized I needed more help. I found amazing chiropractor, Dr. Jordan Fairly of Source Chiropractic thanks to, of all things, Instagram. As I sat in Dr. Fairly’s office looking at the results of my initial tests it occurred to me that I needed to commit to getting healed. The action I realized I needed to take was to work in collaboration with this doctor. A profound understanding and an important shift. It also helped knowing that the good doctor is a runner. I paid attention to every bit of advice, integrating stretches and techniques into my regimen.  There are many other examples of committing all the way up to today as I sit in my warm cottage writing and outside the rain drums a steady beat on the deck. I will get out there and commit to 10 more miles.

The next dimension is the mental. I could go on and on about this one. I’ll try to be succinct. So many folks, even runners, say “I hate running”. Many say they could never run and flavor that pronouncement with a variety of vituperative remarks. Do you see where I’m going with this? Negative thinking begets negative results. I actually don’t think people hate running. I think people fear touching their physical boundaries. And I think we fear our physical boundaries, or limits, because we fear death. Now I’m getting ahead of myself into the spiritual dimension of running but all the areas, of course, are intertwined. There is also a fear of pain. We choose to not run because we have a preconceived idea that it will be painful. But what if we opened up to the act of running with curiosity? What if we used our big ol’ minds and engaged in productive questions? Instead of fear holding us back we propelled forward with our curiosity. Every day I feel inertia. Inertia says, go ahead, sit on the couch and surf the web endlessly and ignore the real world out there. Inertia is passivity. Today I am alive therefor I have agency therefor I choose to be in the world. And the world I most love to be in is the forest or the ocean or the mountains, any kind of wilderness will do.

Ooph, that was not very succinct. But I managed to inspire myself! Time to get out on the trail y’all. I’ll talk spiritual another day. Be well. Shine bright.