December 30, 2016

The phrase “fierce beauty” has been popping into my mind on the last few runs. I’m wondering what it might mean to me. I’m sure it’s been used quite a bit out there in the wider world. I’m sure it’s been made trite too. Nonetheless, it’s on my mind. I like the sound of it. The etymology of the word fierce, when digging deeper than the Old French translation of “brave or “proud”, sources from the Latin word “ferus” which means “wild, untamed”. There’s also “savage” and “cruel” but I’ll toss those two into the compost pile, too judgy. Wild and untamed are good in my book.

When I put fierce together with beauty I begin to think about all the women I know. All of them. Their names, faces and actions come pouring in. All the badass grunty chics, Dee, Winnie, Laurel, Susi, Anastacia, Cynthia, Jennie, Rebecca, Kate, Ayannakai, Chrissy, Carla, Elizabeth, Cassie, Lisa, Jessica; whether they are out digging deep on the trails or grinding away at the necessary daily tasks for survival in this insane world we live, these women have been my guiding stars. It’s a good thing to contemplate and to come to a quick understanding that all the women I know embody fierce beauty. This is no empty glossy magazine idea of beauty, this is the reality of hard lives lived and even still, my warrior sisters radiate gorgeous life. It’s a humbling thing to realize the collective power of my gals. We live in a culture where we are taught in subtle and not so subtle ways to compete with each other. But we are the wiser. We are more fierce and more beautiful together. And our lives are that much richer because we have each other.

As I run I send my thoughts and my energy out to them. I receive their energy back. It’s a continuous loop. We are all in flux, some going through harder times, others of us experiencing peak moments. I pull them up when I’m on the peak. They pull me up when I’m flattened. The cycle of human relationship reflecting the cycle of life itself.