December 26, 2016 – Joy Engine

I’m happy to be back home on my regional park trails in Oakland this week after the rejuvenating explorations in Hawaii and then a week of no running whilst rude germs ran their own marathon mostly through my nose. It was a perfect time to lay low, take a break and read.

The trail this morning was brisk at 42 degrees with a wild blasting wind roaring through the tree tops.  It’s hard to get out there, the transition from cozy cottage to the cold elements is a stark one and all mental yet within just a few steps I’m reminded of why I love this kind of day. Light on my feet I revel in the bright cloudless blue sky peeking through the rocking trees. The sun warms protected pockets of the trail where the trees form walls keeping the wind out for the most part.

A strong wind also means that when I connect to West Ridge trail after the 2ish miles on Bay View trail, I can look eastward at a break in the trees into the pale blue distance and see the snow capped peaks of the Sierras some 140 miles off. This always brings a thrilling sensation in my chest to be able to catch a glimpse of the mountains I love.  There’s a little bluebird in my rib cage that wants out, feeling the magnetic pull of the mountains.

The wild wind, the cold air, the beckoning view are all supportive factors in today’s run making this 10 miler a solid exuberant experience from start to finish. While I can experience a whole host of thoughts and sensations whilst running, it is always joy that propels me. Joy is my engine.